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2023 is here, and it is looking to be an interesting year for marketing as we introduce new technologies and customer behavior. In order to succeed in the marketing industry, we always have to keep up with the trends and adapt to them.

We all love to stick to the strategies that have worked for us before and reuse them for efficient results, however, marketing trends come and go.

Let’s look at some new and already existing trends that can be impactful in 2023.

  1. New Data and Analytics

Google has confirmed that they will be retiring Google Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. Marketing teams will have to switch to Google Analytics 4. This platform aims to collect events-based data rather than session-based data, and includes a number of updates to track the customer journey across multiple platforms.

  1. Influencer-Brand Relationship

Trust plays a vital role in consumers’ choice of products or services that businesses offer. One of the best ways to ensure trust’s check box is ticked off is through influencer marketing.

93% of professionals in the marketing industry use Influencer marketing to ensure success in their reach and engagement campaigns, even conversions. This isn’t a new form of strategy going in 2023 but has proved to work from time to time and will definitely keep showing promising results in 2023.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Behavioral data can be very useful to online ad targeting.  New technology is working to make this data more accessible and affordable for small businesses. AI is dignified to make a huge impact in the next coming years including 2023. Marketers are now leveraging AI methods such as data models, algorithms, and machine learning to better understand their target audience. This data can help marketers optimize spending, customize and target content, and personalize their customer experience. This can help you see that high ROI through effective targeting.

  1. Live stream videos

Live streams have existed for quite a while now and if properly utilized, they can be crucial to increase engagement. It’s estimated that consumers spend around 548 billion hours streaming through mobile devices. 80% of people prefer watching a live stream to reading a blog. This can be a good way to reach new audiences by pushing your message or campaigns in real-time. One report estimates that live streaming could power the $78 billion creator economy through 2025.

  1. New targeting Methods

Google is set to remove cookies from web pages due to privacy issues starting next year. Cookies usually help us marketers to track user’s behavior when scrolling through so that we can deliver a customized experience.

Similarly, with IOS 14 users, Apple have now ordered all apps to prompt the user for tracking permissions which allows them to gather the data and use it to deliver personalized ads. This means that when the user declines this prompt data will be prohibited to the app.

In order to remain relevant, brands are testing alternative targeting solutions to continue developing highly personalized content and ads.

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