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We Are The Colony

The colony is diverse, with members of different backgrounds, skills and talents. Just like an ant colony, we are resilient, committed and constantly working together to achieve desired results. We understand the value of hard work and pushing till the end as a committed, diligent, willing and strategic team. We accomplish more together, always remembering the big picture.

Brainstorm at The Colony

Brainstorms are so important to us! We put our brilliant minds behind every concept we come up with, to foster creativity, generate innovative ideas, and collaborate for greatness!

Nature with The Colony

Nature isn’t just a backdrop for us; it’s a stage to unleash our boundless passion and energy. Stepping out isn’t just a break from the office—it’s a grand entrance into a world filled with unforgettable experiences.

Celebration at The Colony

At the Colony, celebration, creativity, and joy are the heartbeat of our spirit. We don’t just work; we dance through challenges, share victories, and cherish every moment as a masterpiece in the making.

Play at The Colony

All work with no play makes the colony dull. In our world, breaks are not just pauses; they’re opportunities for rejuvenation and inspiration. Whether it’s a quick game, a shared laugh, or a spontaneous moment of creativity, we understand that these elements are essential to fueling our productivity and maintaining a dynamic & engaging atmosphere.

Competition at The Colony

The perfect end to competition is the sweet taste of victory! At the Colony, our adventures unfold, and as competition starts, the reward isn’t just a win, but the realization of our strengths and potential.

The Colony is for All of Us

Celebrating Creativity
and Driving Impact!


No 4 Town House,
Korosho Road,
Valley Arcade
+254 702245534


Ministers Village,
Plot 34,
Queen Maxima Road, Off Matyr’s way.
+256 772959946


Plot 229,
Mbeki Road.
+260 72 7175469

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