We complement our clients’ marketing activities with a strong Experiential Strategy; where we aim at humanizing brands and creating experiences that leave people with lasting, positive brand impressions.


Daraja Plus fully embraces the art of digital storytelling. We put brands on the map - from the stage of strategy development to content creation, execution, and analytics


When working on an out-of-the-box experience, it is imperative that creativity runs throughout every element of the campaign. Nothing is too small to be considered with an innovative eye; from Uniforms to Flooring to Leaflet Dispensers & everything in between. Creative flair encapsulates our proposals for our client’s brands, pushing boundaries in order to bring them to life.


As far as Event Planning goes, we are aware of how critical it is to actively plan and organize our clients’ events, even after they’ve begun. Key areas we put special focus on are:
  • Research Identifying our Target Audience, Best Dates and Locations
  • Data Collectionfor feedback, engagement on social media or email marketing and invitations to future events.
  • Activity Schedules + Checklists
  • Safety, Security + First Aid