What is Daraja?

Proudly independent (in mind, spirit and approach)

Daraja is a social marketing enterprise using experiential and digital communication to influence behavior.

Who Are We?

When you give your customers an experience that transcends the moment, you turn them into advocates.

We are a full service agency, offering experiential and digital services,
creative development, 
 mobile and emerging platform strategy, 
content curation, social communications and SEO.

What do we stand for?

"We co-create to bridge social prosperity."

Social prosperity only happens when you change and sustain someone's behavior, this we do with our target's input.


We execute. Flawlessly

We strive to create innovative & unique experiences, that tell your story, engage your audience, & help enhance brand perception + influence your target.

Marketing and Results

"Innovative & unique experiences"


We take a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to marketing. We fuse our expertise in experiential, activations, digital and social media marketing into a potent force.


We stand behind our results and work with you to quantify the impact of our relationship. We will establish benchmarks and make sure you reach those goals.



                                                                                                            ''Creative agency specializing in brand development''

   Our goal is building better digital experiences from strategy and analytics through content creation, design and execution.


Experiential Activations


Our Clients


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Woodland Trails, Woodland Road, Off State House Road

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P.O. Box 101023 - 00101, Nairobi

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+254 20 529 1644